LEHR Family

First Generation

1. John1 Lehr I was born Bucks Co, Pennsylvania about 1750. John died 1804 in Whitehall, Northampton Co, PA, at 54 years of age.

He married Mary Margaret Dorney about 1771. Mary was born 1752. Mary died October 12, 1794 in Northampton Co., Pa, at 42 years of age. There are eleven Lehr's listed in the Colonial Enumeration index for the years 1740 thru 1772 all residing in Philadelphia. There are five different Johan Lehr's listed, Johan Christopher (1747), Johan Heinrich (1749), Johan Herman (1740), Johan Nickel (1754), and Johan Peter (1771). The years in parens are the ennumeration years and not the birth years.

John Lehr I and Mary Margaret Dorney had the following children:

child + 2 i. John2 Lehr II was born January 10, 1772.

child 3 ii. Mary Margaret Lehr was born February 21, 1775. Mary died 1854 at 79 years of age. She married Jacob Ott. Jacob was born about 1775.

child 4 iii. Adam Lehr was born September 2, 1778.

child 5 iv. Henry Lehr was born February 22, 1781.

child 6 v. Eva Lehr was born July 2, 1782. She married Frederick Gutekunst.

child + 7 vi. Philip Lehr was born November 4, 1783.

child 8 vii. Daniel Lehr was born June 29, 1785.

child 9 viii. Joseph Lehr was born March 19, 1787.

child + 10 ix. Peter Lehr was born December 27, 1787.

child 11 x. Michael Lehr was born September 16, 1788. Michael died April 17, 1868 at 79 years of age.

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