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Jonathan Fallis Linton

Jonathan Fallis Linton

33. Jonathan Fallis7 Linton (Samuel Smith6, Nathan5, Samuel4, Benjamin3, John2, Roger1)(3490) was born in Grean Plains, Clark Co, OH December 16, 1831. Jonathan died February 8, 1920 Columbus, Franklin Co, OH, at 88 years of age. Buried at the Greenlawn Cenetary Columbus Ohio.

He married Eliza Jane Sapp in Peru, Lasalle Co, IL, September 22, 1855. Eliza was born in Spring Creek, Bureau Co, IL December 31, 1836. Both the 1860 and the 1880 census show he birth in CT. Eliza(3491) was the daughter of Noah Sapp and Eliza Jennings.

Eliza died October 3, 1916 Columbus, Franklin Co, OH, at 79 years of age. From the "History of Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio", Volume 2 page 108:

"In July, 1861, Mr. Linton entered the military service of the government, becoming first lieutenant of Company D, Thirty-ninth Illinois Infantry--the Yates Phalanx. Not long afterward he made the quartermaster of the regiment and subsequently servied in that capacity on the staffs of General Howells, Osborn and Vogdes. He saw service with Lander on the upper Potomac, with Shields and Banks in the Shenandoah valley and with Terry and others along the sea islands, from Hiltonhead to Charleston, South Carolina. In May, 1864, Mr. Linton resigned and returned to his home in Lee county, Illinois, where he engaged in farming for the suceeding three years."

In the 1860 census Paw Paw Willow Creek, Lee Co, IL page 677, Jonathan (age 28) is recorded with Eliza (age 23), Elizabeth (age 2), and Alonzo Webster (age 21) a farm hand. Jonathan is a farmer born in Ohio with a property value of $6,000 and personal value of $565.

In the 1870 census Maumee, Lucas, Ohio page 575, Jonathan (age 38) is recorded with Eliza (age 33), Elizabeth (age 12), Robert (age 9), Alfred (age 5), and Edward (age 5). Jonathan is noted as being a milker.

In the 1880 census Marion, Franklin, Ohio page 216, JF Linton (age 48) is recorded with his wife Eliza (age 43), Elizabeth (age 21), Robert (age 19), Alfred (age 14), Edward (age 14), Rachel (age 5), Harriet (age 5), and Paul (age 2).

In the 1920 census, Jonathon is living with his son in law and daughter (Joseph and Rachael) in Columbus Ohio.

Jonathan Fallis Linton and Eliza Jane Sapp had the following children:

child 36 i. Mary Eliza8 Linton(3492) was born in Willow Creek, Lee Co IL August 10, 1856. Mary died January 11, 1859 in Willow Creek, Lee Co IL, at 2 years of age. Mary died at the age of 3 years

child 37 ii. Elizabeth Fallis Linton(3493) was born in Peru, Lasalle Co, IL August 4, 1858. Elizabeth died April 15, 1947 California, at 88 years of age. She married Jonathan D A Elston October 25, 1886. Jonathan was born in New Jersey 1837. (Additional notes for Jonathan D A Elston(3494)) i0 In the 1920 census Covina, LosAngeles Co, CA page 89, Jonathan (age 82) is recorded with his wife Elizabeth (age 61), He was born in New Jersey and is a Rancher. In the 1930 census West Covina, LosAngeles Co, CA page 225 Elizabeth (age 71), a widow, is recorded living with her aunt Carmelia Brechenksox (age 82). Elizabeth is noted as first married at age 38 and born in Illinois.

child + 38 iii. Robert Linton was born October 15, 1860.

child + 39 iv. Alfred Linton was born September 18, 1865.

child 40 v. Edward Linton(3495) was born in Willow Creek, Lee Co IL September 18, 1865. Edward died June 26, 1939 at 73 years of age. He married Mayme Stansbury about 1885. Mayme was born about 1865. In the 1920 census page 6 Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio, Edward and Father are living 306 Eighteenth Ave with Sister and Brother-in-law Joseph and Rachel Godown,

In the 1930 census 306 Eighteenth Ave, Columbus, Franklin Co, Ohio, page 184, Edward Linton (age 64) is living with brother-in-law .Joseph (age 57) with his wife Rachel (age 55), Stanley (age 16), Jane (age 14).

child 41 vi. Rachel Linton(3496) was born Columbus, Franklin Co, OH August 10, 1875. Ray died February 12, 1961 in Saint Petersburg, Pinellas Co, Florida, at 85 years of age. Buried at Wesley Chapel Dublin OH She married Joseph Andrus Godown Columbus, Franklin Co, OH, 1903.

Joseph was born Norwich, Franklin Co, OH June 24, 1872. Joseph(3497) was the son of James R Godown and Mary Jane Roberts. Joseph died February 8, 1942 Norwich, Franklin Co, OH, at 69 years of age. Buried at Wesley Chapel Dublin OH (See Joseph Andrus Godown for the continuation of this line.)

child 42 vii. Harriet Linton(3498) was born Columbus, Franklin Co, OH August 10, 1875. Harriet died May 23, 1960 Columbus, Franklin Co, OH, at 84 years of age. She married William Ernest Mettal December 30, 1905. William was born about 1875. (Additional notes for William Ernest Mettal(3499))

child 43 viii. Paul Linton(3500) was born Columbus, Franklin Co, OH November 17, 1877. He married Grace May McClain about 1897. Grace was born about 1877.

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