8. Moses2 Rittenhouse (William B1)(4422) was born in Pennsylvania 1728. Moses died September 6, 1774 Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 46 years of age.

He married Mary Rittenhouse about 1755. Mary was born in Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, NJ about 1729. Mary died 1819 Sandy Ridge, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 90 years of age. Some other research on WFT Volume 4 has Moses and a wife Sarah Wood. The birth and death dates of Moses match the Ringo History, so I believe the WFT information may not be correct.

Moses Rittenhouse and Mary Rittenhouse had the following children:

child 34 i. Moses3 Rittenhouse Jr(4423) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ about 1757.

child 35 ii. Catherine Rittenhouse(4424) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ about 1759. She married Joseph Hall about 1779. Joseph was born about 1743. (Additional notes for Joseph Hall(4425))

child 36 iii. Sarah Rittenhouse(4426) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ 1761. Sarah died October 6, 1849 at 88 years of age. She married Jeremiah King 1779. Jeremiah was born about 1757. (Additional notes for Jeremiah King(4427)) Jeremiah died July 2, 1829 at 72 years of age.

child 37 iv. Mary Rittenhouse(4428) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ 1763. She married Jeremiah Foster. Jeremiah was born about 1759. (Additional notes for Jeremiah Foster(4429))

child 38 v. Patience Rittenhouse(4430) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ 1765. Patience died before Oct 1819. She married Isaac Rea. Isaac was born about 1761.

child 39 vi. Hannah Rittenhouse(4431) was born in Rosemont, Hunterdon Co, NJ October 10, 1767. Hannah died May 19, 1798 in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey, at 30 years of age. She married John Wesley Dalrymple in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey, 1785. John was born Alexandria Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ 1759. (Additional notes for John Wesley Dalrymple(4432)) John died 1838 Preble Co, Ohio, at 79 years of age. (See John Wesley Dalrymple for the continuation of this line.) WFT 4 has Hannah as the son of William. According to the Ringo Family site, Mary lists her 4 daughters in her will and Hannah Derumple is on of them. WFT 4 appears to have Hannah with the wrong parents.

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