8. Elzie Franklin2 Sheets (Benjaman Franklin1)(4816) was born in DesMoines, VanBuren Co, IA June 30, 1881. Elzie died July 16, 1954 in Iowa City, IA, at 73 years of age.

He married Daisy G Godown February 4, 1902. Mary was born in VanBuren Co, Iowa December 5, 1884. Mary(4817) was the daughter of George W Godown and Mary Frances Smith. Mary died December 22, 1962 Milton, VanBuren Co, IA, at 78 years of age. Buried at Sunnyside Cemetery, Milton, Van Buren Co, IA In the 1910 census DesMoines Twp VanBuren Co Iowa page 40, Elzy (age 28) is recorded with his wife Daisey (age 25). They have been married for 7 years. He is a farmer born in Iowa.

In the 1920 census Fort Madison Lee Co Iowa page Elsie (age 38) is recorded with his wife Daisy (age 35) and daughter Grethel (age 8). Elsie is a stackman at Perfecction Tire Company.

In the 1930 census Jackson, Milton Twp, Van Buren, Iowa page , Elzie (age 48) is recorded with his wife Daisey (age 45) and daughter Grethel (age 18). Elzie was first married at age 21 and was born in Iowa.

Elzie Franklin Sheets and Daisy G Godown had the following child:

child 19 i. Grethel T3 Sheets was born Iowa August 3, 1911. Grethel died August 20, 1996 in Bloomfield, Davis Co, IA, at 85 years of age. She married John R Oaks. John was born August 24, 1910. (Additional notes for John R Oaks(4818)) John died April 1979 Milton, VanBuren Co, IA, at 68 years of age.(4819)

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