First Generation

1. Richard1 Thatcher(5226) was born in Uffington, Berkshire, England 1620. Richard died 1697 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania, at 77 years of age.

He married Jane Stevens in Abington, St. Nicholas, England, October 18, 1638. Jane was born England. (Additional notes for Jane Stevens(5227)) More on the Thatchers can be found at this web site: 2.html

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Richard purchased land from William Penn in Bucks county Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia. His wife is unknown (first name posibably Mary) but he died and left a will that is probated in Philadelphia and it lists his children with four sons and four daughters (some of whom were underage at his death). It does not list his wife and she may have already been deceased, The sons were Richard Jr, Amos (who died before adulthood and was apparently unmarried), Barthalomew (who inherrited land from Richard Sr in Bucks County and sold land and went across the Delaware river to New Jersey in what is now Hunterdon County) and Joseph (who also inherited land and apparently stayed in Bucks county. It is thought by many that he corrupted his name to Hatcher and is listed in records as Joseph Hatcher. Some of his decendants moved to Loudoun County, Virginia). Provided by James Thatcher Shaw.

He and his wife were known to have had 8 children. He also had daughters, who must have been younger than the brothers because they are mentioned as being underage in the will and placed with various famlies after his death, which would mean his wife was also deceased, but also not mentioned in his will. Provided by Bob Goodiel.

Richard Thatcher and Jane Stevens had the following children:

child 2 i. Mary2 Thatcher(5228) was born in Uffington, Berkshire, England July 8, 1666. Mary died before 1676.

child 3 ii. Richard Thatcher was born in Uffington, Berkshire, England August 30, 1668. Richard died before June 1725 in Cecil Co, Maryland. He married Abigal unknown about 1690. Abigal was born about 1670. (Additional notes for Abigal unknown(5229)) Abigal died December 31, 1739 in Cecil Co, Maryland, at 69 years of age. More on the Thatcher family can be found at: tm

This Richard Thatcher Jr has been confused by many researchers and thought to be the Richard who married Jane/Jean Stevens. I was one of them until set straight. When the other Richard of Chester Co was already an established citizen and serving on grand juries etc, this Richard was in trouble with the local authorities in Bucks county. He is listed in the court of common pleas records of Bucks county as stealing pigs and cattle and fighting. In his fathers will he is listed as "location unknown with him to inherit should he return". He did return to Bucks county and is listed in the deeds with his brothers Bartholomew and Joseph about 1700-1705. Provided by James Thatcher Shaw.

child + 4 iii. Bartholomew Thatcher was born May 23, 1670.

child 5 iv. Joseph Thatcher(5230) was born in Berkshire, England about 1670.

child 6 v. Amos Thatcher(5231) was born in Berkshire, England about 1673. Amos died before 1697 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania.

child 7 vi. Mary Thatcher(5232) was born Bucks Co, Pennsylvania about 1678. From "BucksCo, PA Orphan Court Records"

Mary Thatcher, daughter of the late Richard Thatcher is ordered to be placed with Thomas Tunniclif until she is 21.

child 8 vii. Sarah Thatcher was born Bucks Co, Pennsylvania about 1679. From "BucksCo, PA Orphan Court Records"

Sarah is to be placed with Joseph Growden until she is 18, and then she will receive 5 pounds.

child 9 viii. Rachel Thatcher(5233) was born Bucks Co, Pennsylvania about 1680. From "BucksCo, PA Orphan Court Records"

Rachel Thatcher "being about 10 years of age..." placed with Joseph Kirkbride for 8 years" and he is to pay her 6 pounds at the "expiration of the said time."

child 10 ix. Martha Thatcher(5234) was born Bucks Co, Pennsylvania about 1682. From "BucksCo, PA Orphan Court Records"

At court on 10th day of the first month 1690/1, Martha Thatcher was "placed forth - being about 8 years of age." She was placed with William Paxton. She is to get 2 pounds "at the end and expiration of 10 years to commence from this day..."

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