First Generation

1. Andrew David1 Taggart(5183) was born in Ohio March 1, 1853. Andy died August 12, 1919 at 66 years of age.(5184)

He married Mary Rebecca Wilson 1873. Mary was born in Michigan May 8, 1853. Mary died April 20, 1906 at 52 years of age. In the 1880 census Canton, McPherson, Kansas page 453, Andrew (age 22) is recorded with his wife Mary (age 27), Verna (age 4), Samuel (age 3), Leroy (age 1) and brother Henry (age 23). Andrew is a farmer born in Ohio and parents in Pa. The census notes that Andrew has a broken arm.

In the 1900 census Second Street, Canton City, McPherson Co, KS page 25, Andy (age 47) is recorded with his wife Mary (age 46), Eva (age 14) Alex (age 10), and Maud (age 9). They have been married for 26 years and have had 11 children with 8 living at the time of the census.

Andrew David Taggart and Mary Rebecca Wilson had the following children:

child 2 i. Della Jane2 Taggart was born on (birth date unknown).

child 3 ii. Verna May Taggart(5185) was born in Michigan September 21, 1875. Burial at La Harpe Cemetery, La Harpe, Allen Co, Kansas Vernie died December 1965 in Kansas, at 90 years of age. Buried at La Harpe Cemetery, La Harpe, Allen County, Kansas She married Phillip Evans Godown 1891.

Phillip was born in VanBuren Co, Iowa July 16, 1873. Phillip(5186) was the son of Mark Oscar Godown and Mahala Hurlburt. Phillip died January 17, 1949 in Kansas, at 75 years of age. Buried at La Harpe Cemetery, La Harpe, Allen County, Kansas (See Phillip Evans Godown for the continuation of this line.)

child + 4 iii. Samuel H Taggart was born December 21, 1876.

child 5 iv. Leroy Taggart(5187) was born in Michigan September 7, 1879. Leroy died January 19, 1960 at 80 years of age.

child 6 v. Susie Taggart was born 7, 1881.

child 7 vi. Alex John Taggart was born in Kansas November 20, 1883.

child 8 vii. Emma May Taggart(5188) was born November 20, 1883. Emma died November 10, 1969 at 85 years of age.

child 9 viii. Eva Lee Taggart was born in Missouri September 14, 1885. Eva died November 22, 1916 at 31 years of age.

child 10 ix. Millie Taggart(5189) was born October 27, 1887. Millie died December 8, 1893 at 6 years of age.

child 11 x. Maude Taggart was born in Kansas November 26, 1889. Maude died March 18, 1960 at 70 years of age.

child 12 xi. Frankie Taggart(5190) was born December 23, 1890. Frankie died December 27, 1890 at less than one year of age.

child 13 xii. Eli Melvin Taggart(5191) was born June 11, 1892. Eli died March 1, 1894 at 1 year of age.

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