14. Samuel3 Warner (George2, George1)(5558) was born in Pocono Twp, Monroe Co, PA July 1829.

He married Elizabeth Snyder about 1852. Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania 1830. Elizabeth died before 1900. In the 1860 census Tanners Well, Pocono Twp, Monroe Co PA page 652, Samuel (age 31) is recorded with the family of George (age 70), Elizabeth (age 68), Elizabeth (age 29), Emeline (age 19), Edmund (age 17), Wilson (age 7), Morris (age 5), and Jeremiah (age 3). Emeline and Edmund could not be Samuel and Elizabeth's children because they are too young and George and Elizabeth seem too old for a child of 17, that would have made Elizabeth 51 at Edmonds birth. Living right next door is John Anglemyer, probably Elizabeth's (age 68) brother.

In the 1870 census Jackson Cornors, Pocono Twp, Monroe Co PA page 118A, Samuel (age 40) is living with Elizabeth (age 40), Wilson (age 17), Morris (age 16), Jeremiah (age 13), Josiah (age 10) and living next door is Elizabeth Warner (age 73) and Lydia (age 14). Samuel has the occupation of farmer with a realestate value of 4,000 and personal value of 1,500.

In the 1880 census Pocono Twp, Monroe, Pennsylvania Page 333B, Samuel (age 50) is living with his wife Elizabeth (age 53), Maurice (age 26), Jeremiah (age 22), Josiah (age 19) and grand daughter Emma (age 9).

Samuel Warner and Elizabeth Snyder had the following children:

child + 24 i. Wilson4 Warner was born November 1852.

child 25 ii. Maurice S Warner(5559) was born in Pocono Twp, Monroe Co, PA 1854.

child 26 iii. Lydia Warner(5560) was born in Pennsylvania 1856. Lydia appears in the 1870 census living with Elizabeth Warner probably her grandmother. She did not appear in the 1860 census with the rest of the family so most likely she is a niece to Samuel and Elizabeth.

child 27 iv. Jeremiah Warner was born in Pocono Twp, Monroe Co, PA July 1857. He married Margaret unknown 1880. Margaret was born in Pennsylvania July 1854. In the 1900 census Pocono Twp, Monroe Co PA page 133A, Jeremiah (age 42) is living with whis wife Margaret (age 45), 8 children and father Samuel (age 70) noted as Widowed. Jeremiah has the occupation of farmer, has been married for 20 years and have had 10 children with 8 living at the time of the census.

child 28 v. Josiah Warner(5561) was born in Pennsylvania June 1861. He married Anna? unknown 1890. Anna? was born in Pennsylvania August 1863. In the 1900 census Pocono Twp Monroe Co PA page 135B, Josiah (age 38) is living with his wife Anna? (age 36). They have been married for 10 years and have 5 children. Jisiah has the occupation of farm laborer.

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