Second Generation

2. John2 Carlile (John1) was born in Stepney, Middlesex, England about 1650. John died May 28, 1681 in Devonshire MM, London, England, at 30 years of age. John died of a fever and was buried in Checker Alley and his residence was stated to be Spittlefields.

He married Mary Goedowne Westbury Str MH, London, England, March 29, 1671. The IGI list marriage place as Westbury St, Spittlefields, Devon, England. There is also an entry that list the marriage date as Jan 29, 1671. The Jan date is probably a miss translation of Quaker calendar date. Also noted in Rubincan Papers is the marriage date of 20d 1m 1671 would make it April 20, 1671 (I think).

Mary was born London, England August 1642. Mary was the daughter of Abraham Goedowne and Elizabeth Duffill. Mary died May 11, 1690 London, England, at 47 years of age. Her body was interred May 13, 1690 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England. John had an occupation as a broadweaver and resided at Stebbinheath, Stepney. Other research has his last name spelled Carlile.

These records are from the "Quarterly Meeting Records of London & Middlesex, Society of Friends. Rubincan's research is as follows:

JOHN CARLIELL, of the parish of Stepney, Spittlefields, county Middlesex, broadweafer; married MARY GOEDOWNE, spinster, At Westbury Street Friends' Meeting House, London on 20d 1m 1671. They were members of the Devonshire House Monthly Meeting . Children: 1. John b 15d 3m 1672 Stepney d 11d 4m 1676, age about 4 years; died of the smallpox, buried in Chequer Alley 2. Mary b 4d 6m 1673, residence of parents: Browns Lane near Spittlefields. d 19d 6m 1673 aged about 1 week (no first name was recorded in the record of death; but the age, one week, corresponds approxmately with the date of birth of Mary on 4d 6m 1673; actually, if this identification is correct, she was 2 weeks old. Buried Chequer Alley) 3.***MARY b 20d 5m 1674 4. Abraham b 9d 9m 1675 5. John b 4d 2m 1677, residence of parents: Phenix Street, hamlet of Spittlefields, London d 14d 5m 1677, age about 14 weeks; died of convulsions. Buried at Ratcliff. 6. John b 13d 4m 1678 7. Elizabeth b (no record of birth could be found in the transcripts of Friends" records d 17d 2m 1681; aged about 2 weeks. Buried at Checker Alley.

John Carlile, probably the father of the above named children, died of a fever, 28d 3m 1681, & was buried in Chequer Alley. His residence was stated to be Spittlefields.

John Carlile and Mary Goedowne had the following children:

child 3 i. John3 Carlile was born Stepney, Spitalfields, Middlesex Co, London, England May 15, 1672. John is reported as having died of the smallpox and is burried in Chequer Alley. John died June 11, 1676 London, England, at 4 years of age. John is buried in Chequer Alley and died of the smallpox. See Mary Goedowne for references.

child 4 ii. Mary Carlile was born Stepney, Spitalfields, Middlesex Co, London, England August 4, 1673. Mary died August 19, 1673 London, England, at less than one year of age. Mary is buried in Checker Alley. Mary's parents residence was on Brown's Lane, near Spittlefields. (see Mary Goedowne for references)

child 5 iii. Mary Carlile 2 was born in Devonshire MM, London, England July 20, 1674. Mary died April 1746 Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ, at 71 years of age. She married Richard R Haines Jr Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ, 1691. Richard was born Aynhoe, Northamptonshire, England 1665. Richard was the son of Richard Haines and Margaret S unknown. Richard died April 12, 1746 Evesham, Burlington Co, NJ, at 80 years of age. (See Richard R Haines Jr for the continuation of this line.) This is the second Mary of the family. The first Mary died at age 15 days. (See Mary Goedowne for references.)

child 6 iv. Abraham Carlile was born in Devonshire MM, London, England November 9, 1675. He married Hannah unknown before 1704. Hannah was born about 1675. See Mary Goedowne for references.

child 7 v. John Carlile 2 was born Spittlefields, Phenix Str, London, England April 4, 1677. John died July 14, 1677 London, England, at less than one year of age. John died of convulsions at about 14 weeks of age. He is burried at Ratcliff. This is the second John of the family. The first child died at age 4. This John is recorded as have a residence on Phenix Street, the hamlet of Spitalfields. He is buried at Ratcliff. See Mary Goedowne for references.

child 8 vi. John Carlile 3 was born Stepney, Spitalfields, Middlesex Co, London, England June 13, 1678. The IGI list the birth date as Apr 13 1678 and the palce as Spittlesfield, Stepney, London, England He married twice. He married Mary West Burlington Co, NJ, 1704. Mary was born about 1678. He married Mary Glading Burlington Co, NJ, July 27, 1704. Rubincan research continues with: Record of the Marriage of John Carlile to Mary Glading, both of the town of Burlington, at Burlington Meeting House. Witnesses: 50 persons, including: Abraham Carliell, Hannah Carlile, William Glading, Richard Haines, and Mary Haines. Rubincan's note followed: Compare carefully the names of the above members of the Carlile family with the names of the children of John and Mary (Goedowne) Carlile (Carliell) from the London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting Records, given in this volume. It is evident that the Carlile family immigrated to Burlington Co., NJ. John, who married Mary Glading in 1704, was probably the John whose birth in 1678 is recorded in England. Abraham, one of the witnesses, is undoubtedly the Abraham born in 1675. Hannah is no doubt his wife. Note also the names of Richard and Mary Haines. Richard H Jr. is known to have married Mary Carlile, probably the born in England in 1674. Her presence as a witness to John Carlile's marriage to Mary Gllading is evidence of that. All of these circumstances refute the family tradition that Mary (Carlile) Haines was an Indian girl and a member of the Lenni Lenape trible of Delawares. This is the third John of the family. The second John died at age 3 months. See Mary Goedowne for references.

child 9 vii. Elizabeth Carlile was born Stepney, Spitalfields, Middlesex Co, London, England April 3, 1681. Elizabeth died April 17, 1681 London, England, at less than one year of age. Elizabeth died at about 2 weeks old and is burried at Checker Alley. The birthdate is estimated from the death records that state about 2 weeks old. Elizabeth is buried at Checker Alley. See Mary Goedowne for references.

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