First Generation

1. James1 Caruthers(549) was born on (birth date unknown).

He married Mary Manning. (Additional notes for Mary Manning(550))

James Caruthers and Mary Manning had the following child:

child 2 i. Annie E2 Caruthers(551) was born before January 29, 1874, the first event for which there is a recorded date. Annie died May 12, 1916. She married Adam Poe Whittlesay January 29, 1874. Adam was born in Shelby Co, IA January 13, 1853. Adam(552) was the son of Issac Whittlesay and Maria Chapman. Adam died January 2, 1885 in Winchester, VanBuren Co, IA, at 31 years of age. (See Adam Poe Whittlesay for the continuation of this line.)

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