First Generation

1. unknown1 Du Moulin was born about 1550.

unknown Du Moulin had the following children:

child 2 i. Marie2 Du Moulin(944) was born about 1580. She married Jacob Godon London, England, about 1615.(945) Jacob was born in Tournai, Belgium 1595.(946) Jacob(947) was the son of Abraham Godon and Marye Obert. Jacob died September 25, 1669 at 74 years of age. In the church registers of St Botolph there is a Jacob Godowne recorded as being buried on Sept 25, 1669 at age 74. (See Jacob Godon for the continuation of this line.)

child + 3 ii. Isaac Du Moulin was born about 1580.

child 4 iii. Judique Du Moulin(948) was born about 1580. There is a Judique de Molin noted as the godmother of Isac du Moulin on Dec 16, 1604. I have placed her here under the assumption the she is Marie's sister.

child 5 iv. unknown Du Moulin was born about 1580.

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