146. John Ray10 Godown (Isaac9, Jacob8, Evans7, Jacob6, Jacob5 Goedowne, Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1496) was born Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ October 9, 1821. John died April 4, 1892 Panora, Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, IA, at 70 years of age. John was a member of "Church of the Brethren" and is buried in the Brethren Church cemetery Lot 7 (Dunkard Cemetery) at Gunthrie Twp, Gunthrie Co, IA

He married Mary Foreman in Darke Co. Ohio, August 30, 1850. Polly was born Preble Co, Ohio October 16, 1829. Polly(1497) was the daughter of George Foreman and Catherine unknown. Polly died July 21, 1898 Panora, Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, IA, at 68 years of age. I have July 21 and July 23 as death dates. Have used the death date found on her grave marker. She is buried in the Brethren Church cemetery Lot 7 (Dunkard Cemetery) at Guthrie Twp, Guthrie Co, IA There is some indication that John Ray was not on good terms with his family since there was apparently no correspondence with them after he came west. The "Dunker" or Brethern religion came into the family after Isaac was married. This could have contributed to the reason John Ray his brothers Albertus and Jacob, and Evan Godown and family, moved West sometime around 1815.

John was baptized in the Dunkard Church on March 1865. Both he and his wife Mary are listed as early Coon River Brethren Church Members. Panora, IA (Church now known as Panora Church of the Brethren, Panora, IA just north of Panora)

In the 1850 census John (age 29) is living with Mary (age 23?) in Monroe Twp, Darke Co, OH next door to his brother Jacob. His occupation is listed as a farmer with $225 in real estate.

In the 1860 census Idel, Washington Twp, Dallas Co, IA page 544 , John (age 38) is living with Mary (age 31), George (age 8), Sarah (age 6), John (age 4), Joseph (age 4), Pierson (age 1) and Levi (age 4 months). John's occupation is listed as Farmer with real estate value of $500 and personal value of $250. John and Joseph are now 4 and were born in Iowa, so the family must have moved from Ohio to Iowa between Dec 1850 and 1856. Also living in the same household is Charles W Heill (age 18) born in Indiana, who has an occupation of teacher.

The 1870 Census Cass Township, Guthrie Co, IA page 184, John (age 47) is living with Mary (age 40), George (age 18), Sarah (age 16), John (age 14), Joseph (age 14), Pierson (age 11), Levi (age 10), Jennie (age 7), Amanda (age 5) and Joshua (age 2). John is noted as being a farmer with property value of $1000 and personal value of $400.

In the 1880 census Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, Iowa page 68C, John (age 58) is living with his wife Mary (age 50), Mary (age 17), Amanda (age 15), Joshua (age 12), Ada (age 9), Charles (age 5), Pierson (age 22).

John Ray Godown and Mary Foreman had the following children:

child + 280 i. George Foreman11 Godown was born October 19, 1851.

child 281 ii. Sarah Catherine Godown(1498) was born in Darke Co. Ohio February 23, 1854. Cemetery records has her birth year as 1853 Mollie died January 10, 1926 in Guthrie Co, Iowa, at 71 years of age. Burried in Brethern Cemetery, Guthrie Twp, Guthrie Co, Iowa. in lot 14. She married twice.

She married Willis Wright Reynolds in Guthrie Co, Iowa, September 11, 1870. Willis was born in Owen Co. Indiana January 4, 1845. Willis was the son of Gillam Reynolds and Winnie Nancy Beaman. Willis died October 6, 1881 Panora, Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, IA, at 36 years of age. Burried at the Brethren Cemetery, Panora, Iowa (See Willis Wright Reynolds for the continuation of this line.)

She married John H Devilbiss Iowa, 1886. John was born in Maryland August 31, 1847. John(1499) was the son of Luther M Devilbiss and Ara Burrall. John died January 28, 1913 Panora, Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, IA, at 65 years of age. Buried in the Brethern Cemetery, town of Guthrie, Guthrie Co, Iowa in lot 14. (See John H Devilbiss for the continuation of this line.) Coon River Brethren Church Members DEVILBISS, SARAH, wife of John, dau. of John R. & Polly GODOWN. Bp. in the spring of 1882.

Something does not add up here. In the 1900 census we see John and Sarah being married for 13 years. Also in these same church records we see Claud (age 16 in the 1900 census) noted as the son of John and his first wife. My guess is that 1882 should be 1887.

child + 282 iii. John William Godown was born January 24, 1856.

child 283 iv. Joseph A Godown(1500) was born in Washington, Dallas Co, IA January 24, 1856. Joseph died June 1922 at 66 years of age.(1501) Joseph never married and is a twin to John.

In the Brethern Cemetery, Lot 7, Gunthrie Twp, Gunthrie Co Iowa, there is a Joe Godown marker there but with no dates. This is probably this Joe since John Ray is also burried in the same lot of this cemetery.

In the 1900 census Danbury Precinct, Red Willow County, Nebraska page 28, Joseph (age 44) is living with his brother Charles (age 25). Both are single and are farming on a farm that they rent.

child + 284 v. Pierson Morris Godown was born December 26, 1858.

child + 285 vi. Levi Parker Godown was born February 17, 1860.

child 286 vii. Phoebe Godown(1502) was born in Darke Co. Ohio March 6, 1862. Phoebe died March 6, 1862 in Darke Co. Ohio, at less than one year of age.

child 287 viii. Mary Jane Godown(1503) was born in Darke Co. Ohio May 2, 1863. She married Edward K Kennedy in Guthrie Co, Iowa, November 18, 1897. Edward was born Illinois April 1862. Edward(1504) was the son of M. S. Kennedy and Elizabeth unknown. Edward died Iowa. (See Edward K Kennedy for the continuation of this line.)

child 288 ix. Amanda W Godown(1505) was born in Darke Co. Ohio April 1, 1865. Amanda died 1924 in Guthrie Co, Iowa, at 59 years of age. Buried in Brethern Cemetery, Gunthrie, Gunthrie Co, Iowa. She married Christian Lincoln Crowell in Guthrie Co, Iowa, February 25, 1885.

Christian was born in Springvalley, Dallas Co, IA August 1861. Christian(1506) was the son of Hardman Crowell and Ellen M McMillan. (See Christian Lincoln Crowell for the continuation of this line.) In the 1920 census 128 Chestnut, Lulonia Village, Salem Twp, Columbia Co Ohio page 164, Amanda (age 64, age is 10 years to old), is recorded with her son Clyde (age 42). Amanda is noted as divorced. Clyde is the owner of an Iron furnace. This may or may not be Amanda Godown Crowell.

child + 289 x. Joshua Wiggins Godown was born September 16, 1867.

child 290 xi. Ada Parmelia Godown(1507) was born Panora, Cass Twp, Guthrie Co, IA October 25, 1870. Ada died January 11, 1939 in Scott City, Scott Co, KS, at 68 years of age. buried at PleasantHillCem., Benedict, Polk Co., Nebraska She married Charles Edward Knapp in Stromsburg, Polk Co, NE, July 26, 1891.

Charles was born in Rock Island Co, Illinois May 4, 1870. Charles(1508) was the son of Thomas K Knapp and Mary Ann Flexer. Charles died October 2, 1962 in Benedict, Polk Co, NE, at 92 years of age. burried at PleasantHillCem., Benedict, Polk Co., Nebraska (See Charles Edward Knapp for the continuation of this line.)

child + 291 xii. Charles Phender Godown was born September 13, 1874.

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