89. Isaac9 Godown (Jacob8, Evans7, Jacob6, Jacob5 Goedowne, Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1360) was born in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 1788. Isaac died July 15, 1857 Sand Brook, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 69 years of age.(1361) There is a Isaac Godown listed in the Rake Family Cemetery located near Sand Brook.

He married Permelia Myers in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey, April 30, 1814.(1362) The marriage was performed by P. Fisher.

Emela was born in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey November 13, 1792. Emela(1363) was the daughter of Albertus Myers and Anna Hann. Emela died October 21, 1870 Sand Brook, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 77 years of age. There is a Permilia Godown listed in the Rake Family Cemetery located near Sand Brook. Isaac's father still is not documented.

Isaac and Permelia (Emela) were married in Amwell by P. Fisher.

In the 1830 census Amwell Hunterdon Co page 348A, Isaac is living here with a household of 6. 2 males (Jacob and John) ages 0-5, 1 male (Albertus) age 5-10, 1 male (Isaac) age 40-50, 1 female (unknown) age 5-10 and 1 female (Parmelia) age 30-40.

Isaac is living in Hunterdon Co, Deleware Twp in the 1840 census page 365. Living in his household are: 1 male (Jacob or John) 10-15, 1 male (Isaac) 50-60, 1 female (Matilda) under 5, 1 female (unknown) 15-20, and 1 female (Permelia) 40-50.

In the 1850 census, Deleware Twp, Hunterdon Co page 131, Isaac (age 64) Permelia (age 57) Stryker (age 21) and Matildia (age 14) are recorded. There is an Isaac Godown burried in the Rake Family Cemetery located near Sand Brook, on the former William Sergeant Farm. Most of the stones cannot be found today. There is also a Permilia and Jacob Godown buried here. This is partly why I have linked Isaac to Jacob. The grave for Jacob has no readable dates. Also in the same cemetery are the names of Jane, Mary, Thomas, Caroline, Lydia, and Philip Rake. (source is an inventory by Hiram Deats in 1922) It is recorded that Jacob Godown married Sarah Lake. Another reason for connecting Isaac with Jacob and Sarah is that in the 1860 census we find Stryker Godown (Isaac and Permelia's son) living with the family of Jacob (age 52) and Sarah (age 41) Lake along with a number of other noted Paupers.

Isaac Godown and Permelia Myers had the following children:

child + 144 i. Albertus M10 Godown was born September 6, 1819.

child + 145 ii. Jacob Godown was born March 29, 1820.

child + 146 iii. John Ray Godown was born October 9, 1821.

child 147 iv. Sarah Ann Godown(1364) was born Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ 1824. Some research has the birth date as 1815, the 1850 census has he at 26 so that would make her birth year about 1824. This fits with the missing daughter of Isaac in the 1830 and 1840 census. I have used 1824 as her birth date. Sarah died 1893 at 69 years of age. She married Nicholas Ezekiel Hammitt Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ, March 11, 1843. by the Rev. P. O. Studdiford, On the 11th Mar 1843, inst., by Edmund Dalrymple, Ezekiel Hammett, to Sarah Ann Godown, all of Delaware

Nicholas was born in Sandusky, Ohio 1807. Nicholas(1365) was the son of George Hammitt and Jennie Peregin. Nicholas died 1890 at 83 years of age. (See Nicholas Ezekiel Hammitt for the continuation of this line.) I have placed Sarah as Isaac's daughter since the dates fit and in the 1850 census they are recorded within a couple of pages of each other.

child 148 v. Matilda Godown(1366) was born in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey December 1833. She married John Pegg Jr Raritan Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ, January 1, 1862. Page 176, Book R of Hunterdon County Vital Statistics. On the 1st inst., at Klinesville, by Rev. B. Stelle, Mr. John Pegg, Jr., to Miss Matilda Godown both of Hunterdon County. Married Jan 8 1862

John was born in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey September 30, 1836. John was the son of Mahlon Pegg and Elizabeth Sebold. (See John Pegg Jr for the continuation of this line.) Matilda (age 15) is recorded in the 1850 census as being in the same household as Nathaniel B. Horner.

In the 1860 census Ringoes, Deleware Twp Hunterdon Co page 395, Matilda (age 21) is living in the household of Jacob VanMarter as a servant.

child 149 vi. Stryker Godown(1367) was born in New Jersey 1839. Stryker is listed as age 21 living in this household in the 1850 census, with the occupation of Farmer.

In the 1860 census, Stryker (age 29) is living with Jacob and Sarah (Swinney) Lake in Locktown, Deleware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ page 404. No occupation is listed but is listed in the census as a Pauper.

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