83. Jacob9 Godown (John8, Evans7, Jacob6, Jacob5 Goedowne, Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1351) was born in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey June 01, 1796. Jacob died January 15, 1848 Lambertville, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 51 years of age.

He married Evelyn Ann Coryell Lambertville, Hunterdon Co, NJ, July 01, 1824. Ann was born in Amwell Twp, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey February 8, 1796. Ann(1352) was the daughter of Cornelius Coryell and Mary Pidcock. Ann died June 23, 1859 Lambertville, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 63 years of age. In the 1830 census, Hunterdon Co page 327, Jacob is living here with his family of 10. Noted are Males: 3 (Charles, John, William) age under 5, 1 (unknown) age 10-15, 1 (Jacob) age 30-40. Females: 1 (Mary) age under 5, 2 (Evelyn and could be Ann, Jacob's sister) age 30-40, 1 (could be Sarah, Jacob's sister) age 40-50, and 1 (probably Mary, Jacob's mother) age 70-80

In the 1840 census Deleware Twp, Hunterdon Co page 378, Jacob is living here with his family. There are noted as follows: 1 male (Johnson) under 5, 1 male (William) 5-10, 1 male (Charles or John) 15-20, 1 male (unknown) 20-30, 1 male (Jacob) 40-50, 1 female (Mary)10-15, 2 (Evelyn and could be Ann, Jacob's sister) females 40-50 and 1 (probably Mary, Jacob's mother) female 80-90.

In a Trenton Times article, we read: "Old English Wagon, built during 1795, hauled farmers to hanging". On June 21, 1832, this wagon hauled a number of farmers to witness a hanging of frenchman 'Mina Lino Amalia Espos Y Mina' to Doylestown, Pa. Among the passengers in the wagon was Jacob Godown. Below is an article written by Albert W Godown Sr in 1972 titled:

Jacob Godown operated successful Wheelwright Business at Dilt's Corner

It's hard to believe today that the quiet country crossroads of Dilts' Corner in Delaware Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, was once the site of a thriving manufacturing business during most of the 19th Century. For 79 years - from 1824 until 1903 - a very successful wheewright and carriage-making business was operated there by Jacob Godown and his Son, Charles Wilson Godown, then finally by a cousin, Pierson Godown. Jacob Godown and Evelyn Coryell, both of Amwell Township were married on July 1, 1824. Jacob was the fourth son of John Godown Sr., who fought in the American Revolution with Capt. Cornelius Hoppock's Company of "Minutemen". He was also the great-grandson of the first Jacob Godown, one of the first settlers on the banks of the Alexauken Creek, near Mt. Airy, Hunterdon County, in 1707 and one of the first settlers in Hunterdon County. Evelyn was the grand-daughter of Capt. George Coryell, who served with distinction in the New Jersey Forces during the Revolutionary War, and was on Washington's Staff during his famous Delaware River Crossing. She was also the great-grand-daughter of Emanuel Coryell who established "Coryell's Ferry" at Lambertville, in 1732. Evelyn was known as "Elinor", "Nellie" and "Aunt Ellen" too. In 1824, Jacob Godown and his wife, Evelyn, Purchased from Jacob Cole, 20 and one-half acres on the northeast corner of the intersecting roads from Mt. Airy to Sandy Ridge and from Headquarters to Lambertville. This crossroads is known now as Dilts' Corner. Jacob Godown was a wheelwright. On this property, he built a house and erected a wheelwright and blacksmith's shop and started the manufacturing of wagons, carriages and sleighs. The business prospered and became known throughtout the area for the quality and excellence of its workmanship, according to an article by Egbert T. Bush in the Hunterdon Democrat, of October 2, 1930. Jacob conducted the enterprise, employing a large number of craftsmen, until his untimely death of pneumonia at 54 years of age on January 15, 1848. Jacob's widow, Evelyn, continued the business for a few years. Then in 1854, she (and her sister-in-law Miss Ann Godown, who had a financial interest in it) sold the property to the oldest son, Charles Wilson Godown. He continued the business until 1883. By this time it had become known as "Old Godown Homestead" at Dilts' Corner. Charles Wilson Godown was elected to the New Jersey State Assembly from the First District of Hinterdon County in 1879 and served one term. After this venture into politics, he apparently lost interest in the carriage-making venture and sold it to a cousin, Pierson Godown. Pierson Godown operated the business until his death in 1903. Pierson Godown's heirs sold the property to Elmer McHugh (who was a son-in-law of Charles W. Godown) in 1904. McHugh sold it to George L. Bodine in 1908 and Bodine sold it to Leonard L. LaRue in 1924. Today, the only reminder of this once thriving business is the large house on the northeast corner which has been rebuilt and modernized. Nothing remains of the old carriage and wheelwright shops. *****************end of article****************

In Feb 1828 Jacob became the guardian of Jonathan Kitchen son of late Charles Kitchen and Sarah Godown (Jacob's sister). At this point it looks like Sarah came to live with Jacob. We see Sarah living with John A in the 1850 census.

Jacob Godown and Evelyn Ann Coryell had the following children:

child + 126 i. Charles Wilson10 Godown was born November 22, 1824.

child + 127 ii. John Alexander Godown was born December 31, 1825.

child + 128 iii. William Thatcher Godown was born February 20, 1826.

child 129 iv. Mary Godown was born September 12, 1829. of Pleasant Valley, Hunterdon Co, NJ Mary died January 4, 1861 in Baptistown, Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co. NJ, at 31 years of age. Died In this village, Baptisttown, Jan. 4th, 1861, Mary Godown, wife of Richard S. Reed, Esq., in the 32nd year of her age She married Richard S Reed in Hunterdon Co, New Jersey, November 16, 1853. November 24, 1853, Vol. XVI, No. 18, Whole No. 727

On Wednesday the 16th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Osborn, Richard S. Reed, of Unionville,Morris County, N.J., to Miss Mary Godown, daughter of the late Jacob Godown, of Pleasant Valley,Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Richard was born in New Jersey 1827. of Unionville, Morris County, New Jersey Richard was the son of Jesse C Reed and Rachel unknown. (See Richard S Reed for the continuation of this line.)

child + 130 v. Andrew Dewitt Godown was born June 18, 1832.

child 131 vi. Johnson J Godown(1353) was born in New Jersey 1835. Johnson died 1850 Delaware Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ, at 15 years of age. In the 1850 census we find in Jacob's (deceased in 1848) household a Johnson aged 15 living there. I can not find any other reference to a Johnson other that Jacob's brother. So I have listed a Johnson as being the son of Jacob and Evelyn.

In the 1880 census Deleware Twp, Hunterdon Co page 29A, Johnson (age 45) is living with his brother Charles and has an occupation of carpenter.

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