15. Abraham4 Goedowne (Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1284) was born London, England August 9, 1616. This is an approxamate date based on the baptism in the French Huguenot Church, Threadneedle Street, London. Abraham died April 11, 1653 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England, at 36 years of age.

He married Elizabeth Duffill in St. Dunstan, Stepney, London, England, September 27, 1640. Abraham and Elizabeth were married at St Dunstan's in the East, Stepney , Middlesex, London. It can also be found in the Marriage Registers of St. Dunstan's Vol ll for 1640-1696 page 7. In the printed records in error, Elizabeth as being a widow but in the original she is noted as being a maid.

Elizabeth was born London, England September 1620. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Duffield and Priscilla Farnsead. Elizabeth died 1670 in Devonshire MM, London, England, at 49 years of age.

He was baptized in Threadneedle Street French Hug, London, England, August 11, 1616. Religion: Huguenot. French Church baptism record: 1616 Aug 11. Goudon Abraham, "fils de Jacob Goudon et de Marie, sa Femme". The Parish records of Stepney at St. Dunstan, London England list Abraham Goedowne (Wentworth Streete occupation of SilkWeaver) and Elizabeth Duffill being married in 1640. On Mary's christening records, Abraham's occupation is also listed as silkweaver. Abraham's last name is also listed in the parish records as Goedowne. Since we now have a death date for Abraham in 1653, The Abraham that may have came to this country was probably John's son Abraham or this Abrahams son Abraham. His Christening record has his name spelled as Goudon.

More information on The Silkweavers of London can be found at: http://www.art-science.com/Ken/Genealogy/Patrick/c h10.html in which Abraham Godowne is referenced as having an apprentence.

Abraham Goedowne and Elizabeth Duffill had the following children:

child 29 i. Elizabeth5 Goedowne was born June 1641. Elizabeth died before 1652. Elizabeth is assumed to have died young because there is another Elizabeth having been christened by this family at a later date.

She was christened in St. Botolph Without Aldgate, London Co, London, England, June 28, 1641. Elizabethe Goodowne is that way her name is spelled in the church registers.

child 30 ii. Mary Goedowne was born London, England August 1642. Mary died May 11, 1690 London, England, at 47 years of age. Her body was interred May 13, 1690 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England. She married John Carlile Westbury Str MH, London, England, March 29, 1671. The IGI list marriage place as Westbury St, Spittlefields, Devon, England. There is also an entry that list the marriage date as Jan 29, 1671. The Jan date is probably a miss translation of Quaker calendar date. Also noted in Rubincan Papers is the marriage date of 20d 1m 1671 would make it April 20, 1671 (I think).

John was born in Stepney, Middlesex, England about 1650. John was the son of John Carlile and Jane unknown. John died May 28, 1681 in Devonshire MM, London, England, at 30 years of age. John died of a fever and was buried in Checker Alley and his residence was stated to be Spittlefields. (See John Carlile for the continuation of this line.)

She was christened in St. Dunstan, Stepney, London, England, August 26, 1642. The christening is assumed to be when the child was named, usually a short time after birth. John married a Mary Goedowne at the marriage date specified. This Mary is the only documentated Mary in the Goedowne famlies in England at this time. Since John and Mary's daughter Mary died in Burlington Co. NJ, I have made an educated guess that this is the Mary that John married. John is recorded as having died in London in 1681 and a Mary Godown is recorded as having been burried in the St Bottolph parish records age of 50 . So is also my assumtion that Mary and John's children migrated to this country maybe even with Godown family. The death date may be wrong since Mary is recorded as a Godown and not Carlile. Looking at other Quaker records it looks as if the maiden name is used and noted as the wife of. Also a note in that when one of the parents children died with his or her namesake, it was common practice to name another child by that name. In John and Mary's case, there were two John's that died young with a third using the name and a Mary that also died young and the name Mary used again. In the WFA Colonial Census index, there are a number of Carlile spread up the east coast. A few in SC and NC but most were in NJ. The research used for the Carlile family was done by Wilbur Haines of Gualala, Ca.. References are as follows provided by Wilber Haines:

John Wesley Haines in his book on Richard Haines and his descendants writes, in part: "John Carlile, sometimes spelled Carliell, broadweaver, of the Parish of Stepney, Middlesex, England, m. Westbury St., Spittlefields, under the care of Devonshire House MM, 29 Mar 1671, Mary Godowne, also spelled Godown, Goedowne, Goedown, Goodown. To them were born Mary, 20 Jul 1674; Abraham, 9 Nov 1675, and John 13 Jun 1678. No record has been found of the arrival of this family in America, but both Abraham Carlile and John Carlile appear in early records."

A second reference is from the Quarterly Meeting Records of London and Middlesex, Society of Friends; transcripts in The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Copied 8 Nov 1944. Note: Dates shown below have not been translated from the "Quaker" calendar.

"John Carlile, of the Parish of Stepney, Spittlefields, county of Middlesex, broadweaver, married Mary Goedowne, spinster, at Westbury Street Friends' Meeting House, London. They were members of the Devonshire House Monthly Meeting. Children: 1. John b. 3-15-1672, Stepney d. 4-11-1676, buried in Chequer Alley 2. Mary b. 6-4-1673, residence, Browns Lane, near Spittlefields d. 6-19-1673, buried Checker Alley 3. Mary b. 5-20-1674 4. Abraham b. 9-9-1675 5. John b. 2-4-1677, residence, Phenix St., hamlet of Spittlefields d. 5-14-1677, buried at Ratcliff 6. John b. 4-13-1678 7. Elizabeth b. ca 2-3-1681 d. 2-17-1681, age about 2 weeks, buried at Checker Alley

John Carlile, probably the father of the above named children, died of a fever, 3-28-1681, and was buried in Checker Alley. His residence is stated to be Spittlefields. " (Children's names are variously recorded as Carliel or Carlile.)

Mary Goedowne (Godowne) married John Carlile 29 Mar 1671 at Westbury St. Monthly Meeting, (records of London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting). Her brother Abraham Goedowne signed their marriage certificate Reference by Marilyn Winton

child + 31 iii. Abraham Goedowne was born about 1645.

child 32 iv. Jacob Goedowne was born London, England October 1646. Jacob died 1649 London, England, at 2 years of age. He was christened St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England, October 18, 1646. John is assumed to have died at a young age do to the fact that there is another John recorded at a later date for this family.

child + 33 v. Jacob Goedowne was born March 1650.

child 34 vi. Joseph Goedowne was born London, England February 1651. He was christened St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England, March 16, 1651.

child 35 vii. Elizabeth Goedowne was born London, England January 1652/3. She was christened St Botolph Bishopsgate, London Co, London, England, February 20, 1652/3.

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