112. John S10 Godown (John R9, John8, Evans7, Jacob6, Jacob5 Goedowne, Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1387) was born in Pennsylvania April 15, 1812. There is some discrepancy in the birth year. I have used what is recorded in the 1880 census.

John died January 21, 1896 in Republic Co., KS, at 83 years of age. Buried in Republic County Kansas Ida Cemetery

He married Ann Elizabeth Billingsley Franklin Co, Ohio, November 18, 1846. Marriage is recorded in the county of Franklin Ohio.

Ann was born in Maryland December 31, 1809. Ann died Aged: 75yrs 10ms 8ds

Ann died November 8, 1885 in Rose Creek, Republic Co, KS, at 75 years of age. Bruied in Republic County Kansas Ida Cemetery Gravestone is worn and looks like the death date is 1835 but shoould be 1885. some research shows that he had a wife Susan and 2 sons (William and Thomas) and 2 daughters. Was His wife Susan. Need clarification. I may have 2 John's mixed together.

In the 1850 census Norwich Twp Franklin Co, Ohio page 38B & 39A, John (age 38) is living with Anne E (age 40), Joseph W (age 9), Jane (age 7) and Ruth A (age 3). John is a farmer born in PA with a property value of $1,200.

In the 1860 census Hilliard PO, Norwich Twp Franklin Co, Ohio page 391, John (age 48) is recorded with Ann E (age 50), Joseph W (age 19), Jane (age 16), Ruth A (age 12) and James M (age 17) John's nephew. John is a farmer born in PA

In the 1870 census Columbus, Norwich Twp Franklin Co, Ohio page 666, John (age 58) is recorded with Ann E (age 60). John is a retired farmer born in PA.

In the 1880 census Rose Creek, Republic Co, Kansas page 44B, John (age 68) is living with his wife E. Ann (age (70).

Letter from John sent home;

May 30th 1863 My dear and only sister I recived your favor of the 12th with great pleasure for it had been a long time since I had heard form you we have written to you and our letters have been returned and we feared you were all dead of had been dreven out of humanities reach and whether this will reach you or not I dont know I think by the post mark that you have a new post office and you did not tell me how to direct please do so when you write again I am truly sorry for your sad misfortune you did not tell me whether it was the Rebs done it or whether it was by accidental please tell me

(page 2) your missfortunes were truly bad but o sister compare it with mine and you will admit that yours are light crual war has robbed me of dear my noble brave boy and only son truly this seems greater than I can bear he enlisted last July went down to dixie and fought one desperate battle and was taken prisoner and paroled and came home was eschanged and was sent down to Vicksburg and took the Typhoid fiever ------? died on the 12th of last month his comrads sent his body home the first we new of his death was the recipt of poor dead body sealed up in a metalic case o sister that was a shock from which I shall never recover

(page 3) this is 5th of June not having a chance to send my letter to the office you my think it some what old but I fear this will never reach you for I think your post office has been changed and you have not let me know for we have wrote to you and the letter came back to us should this reach you please write all about how your house got burned you wished to know how we got along in Ohio and what prospect there was of peace sometimes I think we are in a hopless condition but then I think our ancestors fought and bled and many of died and they continued to strugle for seven long and bloody years but at peace spread her wings over this land so let us not despair but hope on and continue true to last and all may yet be well

(page 4) I would like you would write to me something about your circumstances when mr. gibson was last at our house he said your place was mortguaged for bail and he wanted to borrow ---0? dollars of me to lift the mortgage and he said he had not money enought to take him home Joesph said he borrowed 15 dollars of you he paid him that and I let him have 10 dollars more and he said he would write to us when he got home to let us know he got home for it was about the time the war was commencing and we never heard from him after wards pleas write soon no but our continued love John Godown

John S Godown and Ann Elizabeth Billingsley had the following children:

child 183 i. Joseph W11 Godown(1388) was born 1841. Joseph died April 12, 1863 Vicksburg, Miss (Civil War), at 21 years of age. Joseph enlisted in the A Co. 95th Inf. Reg of Ohio Infantry on August 2, 1862 at the age of 21. He enlisted with the rank of Private. The regiment was mustered out on August 18th 1862 from Camp Chase.

On his records he is described as 21 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches tall, fair complexion, Grey eyes, Dark Hair. Born in Franklin Co, Ohio and had an occupation of Farmer.

He was captured at Richmond Ky on August 30, 1862. There is also a note stating that he was present at Camp Wallace on October 31, 1862.

On October 10, 1862 he was prompted to 3rd Sergent.

Died April 12, 1863 in Regimental Hospital at Duckport La of Typhoid Fever.

Major Battles the regiment fought:

Battle at Richmond, Kentucky on 30 August 1862 Battle at Memphis, Tennessee, Fort Pickering on 11 February 1863 Battle on 09 March 1863 Battle at Memphis, Tennessee on 12 May 1863 Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 19 May 1863 Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 20 May 1863 Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 22 May 1863 Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 23 May 1863 Found on the Civil War Research Database at Ancestry.com

child 184 ii. Jane Godown(1389) was born in Indiana 1843.


Frank and Ruth Powell

Truman Franklin Powell and
Ruth Ann Godown Powell

child 185 iii. Ruth Ann Godown(1390) was born Columbus, Franklin Co, OH September 8, 1845. Ruth died November 18, 1931 in Cloverdale, CA, at 86 years of age. She married Truman Franklin Powell Columbus, Franklin Co, OH, October 5, 1865. Truman was born in Livonia, Livingston Co, NY September 23, 1843. Truman(1391) was the son of Tyler G Powell and Maria Lowden. Truman died October 26, 1931 in Cloverdale, CA, at 88 years of age. (See Truman Franklin Powell for the continuation of this line.)

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