31. Abraham5 Goedowne (Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown) was born about 1645.

He married Jane Tomkins. (Additional notes for Jane Tomkins(1285)) A brother named Abraham Godowne signed the marriage certificate of Mary Goedowne and John Carlile.

On July 4-5 1678 Edward Byllinge sold to seven people a tract of land in Amwell situated on the west side of the South Branch of the Raritan between that stream and Cherryville, and included the present site of Sunnyside. Abraham Goedowne of Spitalfields, Parish of Stepney, England (Spittsfield is listed in the historical record but I assumbed the name was misspelled) , was one of the seven in this land company. Abraham then sold his share of the land to Mary Tomkins of Chester Co, Pa. In 1729, Mary Tomkins sold some land (954 acres) to Joseph King. There is an Abraham Godown included on an inventory list of people who secured credit from Mr. Joseph Reed, storekeeper in Amwell, as of July 23, 1774. This record appears in the History of East Amwell published in 1976 on page 85. There is also an Abraham Godwin listed in a 1793 tax list. The index lists the county as Essex with no town listed. I list this here because 3 other Godown's are listed in the 1793 index as living in Essex county and there are no other Godwin's listed as living in Essex County in this index. This may be the Abraham that is on the credit list of storekeeper Joseph Reed. So far we have only one other reference to an Abraham Goedowne (b. 1641) son of John and Susan.

Abraham Godown/Goedowne references: sent by Donna Evans NJ Colonial Records, Nelson: 1679 Samuel Norris, Watlin St., London, to William Cooper, now of W. Jersey, for 2-7 of land in West Jersey bought with Abraham Goedowne of Edward Byllinge, July 4-5,1678 Abstract of original, Book B, p. 100:

Samuel Norris to William Cooper of W.J. for 3/7ths in W.J bought with Abraham Goedowne of Edward Byllinge by Lease and Release 5 July 1678 containing 50 acres.

Witn.: Isaac Warner, Samuel Darke, William Darke (Sam'l Darke is probably of Bucks Co, possibly of Hopewell) Col. Conveyences doesn't list Norris or Goedowne as purchasers from Byllinge. Where is the record?)

John Holcombe's estate, 1742, mentions note to Abraham Godown for 1:2:6

Accts. due Joseph Reed's Store, 1774 History of E. Amwell

Abraham Goedowne and Jane Tomkins had the following child:

child 44 i. Benjamin6 Goedowne(1286) was born Spitalfields, London, England May 7, 1678. Born 7th day of the 2nd month 1678 There is also research that shows a Benjamin being born on April 2, 1678. I can find no other Benjamin in that year so I have to assume that the other records date is just a miss translation on the date.

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