214. Augustus W11 Godown (Samuel10, Richard S9, John8, Evans7, Jacob6, Jacob5 Goedowne, Abraham4, Jacob3 Godon, Abraham2, Main Family Line1 Godown)(1564) was born Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ March 1852. Augustus died 1923 in Raven Rock, NJ, at 71 years of age.

He married Mary Ann Martin in Point Pleasant, PA, June 18, 1875. June 29, 1875, Vol. XXXVII, No. 44, Whole No. 1918 Marriages June 18, at the Baptist Parsonage, Point Pleasant, Pa., by the Rev. Geo. Young, Augustus Godown, to Mary A. Martin, both of Kingwood.

In the 1900 census it lists them being married for 25 years. Augustis and Mary had a total of 8 children with 5 living in 1900. (the number living is a little hard to tell if it is a 5 or 8. Looking at other numbers nearby it is my guess it is an 5.

Mary was born in Pennsylvania July 1850. (Additional notes for Mary Ann Martin(1565)) Mary died about 1903 Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ. In the 1880 census Kingwood Twp Hunterdon Co page 69B, there is a Cornelia (age 14) living with Augustus. She is indicated as the daughter of Augustus. I believe this is wrong since Augustus would have only been 11 years old then. More likely Cornelia is his sister now age 19 that is living with them. This probably indicates that Samuel (Augustus's father) has since died. His morther Elizabeth is living next door and is noted as being a widow.

In the 1895 NJ State census Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, page 38, Augustus is recorded with Mary and his children Henryetta (age 5-20), and Samuel (age under 5), and Elizabeth (age over 60) his mother.

In the 1900 census (page 170A) Augustus is living in Kingwood Twp. with his wife Mary and 3 children and 1 grandchild. His occupation is listed as a farmer and cannot read or write.

In the 1905 State Census Kingwood Twp, Page 12B, Augustus (age 52) is living by himself and is indicated as being a widower. He rents his farm and can not read or write.

In the 1910 census Kingwood Twp Hunterdon Co page 173B, Augustus (age 54) is living with his sister Mary J (age 49) and his granddaughter Hazel (age 10). He is noted as widowed along with his sister. His occupation is a Farmer and he owns his farm and has no mortgage.

Augustus W Godown and Mary Ann Martin had the following children:

child + 365 i. Sallie12 Godown was born July 1878.

child + 366 ii. William A Godown was born August 13, 1882.

child 367 iii. Henrietta Godown(1566) was born Kingwood Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ August 1884. She married twice. She married unknown Shuman. Unknown was born about 1884. She married Damon Merrill. Damon was born about 1884.

child + 368 iv. Samuel William Godown was born January 11, 1891.

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