First Generation

1. Joseph B1 Grazier(1965) was born August 14, 1814. Joseph died August 13, 1894 at 79 years of age.

He married Esther Rumbarger May 3, 1824. Esther was born in Gatesburg, Centre Co, Pa May 3, 1824. Esther died July 25, 1908 at 84 years of age.

Joseph B Grazier and Esther Rumbarger had the following children:

child 2 i. Martha2 Grazier(1966) was born in Pennsylvania May 1, 1847.

child + 3 ii. Wilson Peter Grazier was born 1848.

child 4 iii. Martin Jacob Grazier was born 1851.

child 5 iv. Barbara E Grazier was born 1853.

child 6 v. Anna L Grazier was born in Pennsylvania 1854.

child 7 vi. Mary A Grazier(1967) was born in Pennsylvania March 1857.

child 8 vii. Theodore Fletcher Grazier(1968) was born January 1859.

child 9 viii. Elizabeth M Grazier was born 1861.

child 10 ix. Elmer E Grazier was born in Pennsylvania March 1862.

child 11 x. Oscar M Grazier was born 1873.

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