First Generation

1. Unknown Parents1 Heckmanunknown birth date unknown.

He married an unknown person.

Unknown Parents Heckmanunknown had the following children:

child + 2 i. unknown2 Heckman.

child + 3 ii. unknown Heckman.

child + 4 iii. Jurg Heckman was born about 1700.

child + 5 iv. Johann Peter Heckman was born about 1710.

child + 6 v. George Heckman was born 1790.

child + 7 vi. Jacob Heckman was born about 1790.

child + 8 vii. Jeff Heckman was born 1799.

child + 9 viii. Isaac Heckman was born 1800.

child + 10 ix. Thomas Heckman was born 1805.

child + 11 x. Thomas Heckman was born December 1808.

child 12 xi. Margaret Heckman(2209) was born 1817. Heckman is probably her married name. In the 1890 census she is living in Moore Twp, Northampton Co, PA

child + 13 xii. John Heckman was born 1817.

child 14 xiii. Adam Heckman(2210) was born in Pennsylvania 1817. In the 1870 census Easton Northampton Co, PA Page 114A, Adam (age 53) is living in the same household as Thomas (age 61) and his wife Sarah (age 60). Is Adam a brother of Thomas? More Research is needed, In the 1870 census Adam has a listed occupation of "Tin Smith".

child + 15 xiv. Samuel Heckman was born 1817.

child + 16 xv. John Heckman was born 1819.

child + 17 xvi. Daniel Heckman was born May 13, 1820.

child 18 xvii. Isriel? Heckman was born in Pennsylvania 1820. He married Eliza unknown. Eliza was born in Pennsylvania 1825. In the 1880 census East Allen Twp Northampton Co PA page 345, Isreil (age 60) is living with his wife Eliza (age 55). He is a farmer and both were born in PA.

child + 19 xviii. William A Heckman was born 1825.

child + 20 xix. Edward Heckman was born about 1826.

child + 21 xx. David Heckman was born 1837.

child + 22 xxi. William H Heckman Sr was born July 28, 1838.

child 23 xxii. Jacob Heckman was born in Pennsylvania August 1839.(2211) He married Anna Louisa Kleppinger 1894. Anna was born in Pennsylvania October 1846. Anna(2212) was the daughter of Paul Kleppinger and Maria Lauffer. In the 1900 census East Centre Str, Nazareth Northampton, Jacob (age 60) is living with his wife Anna (age 53) his niece Elsie V Heckman, and brother-in-law Martin J Kleppinger. They had no children

child + 24 xxiii. Joseph Heckman was born April 3, 1840.

child 25 xxiv. William Heckman was born in Pennsylvania March 1842. He married Hannah unknown 1867. Hannah was born in Pennsylvania October 1848. In the 1900 census Polk Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania page 147. Married for 32 years with no children.

child 26 xxv. Anne L Heckman(2213) was born 1845. In the 1890 census, Annie is living in Nazareth, Northampton Co, PA.

child 27 xxvi. William Heckman(2214) was born in Pennsylvania 1845. In the 1870 census South Easton Northampton page 536A, William (age 25) is living in what looks like a boarding house. He is listed as having an occupation of Laborer.

child + 28 xxvii. Amos J Heckman was born August 1845.

child + 29 xxviii. Milton Heckman was born 1850.

child + 30 xxix. Erwin Heckman was born 1850.

child + 31 xxx. Albert P Heckman was born June 1851.

child + 32 xxxi. Alfred P Heckman was born June 1851.

child 33 xxxii. Catharine Heckman(2215) was born 1852. In the 1890 census Catherine is living in Plainfield Twp, Northampton Co, PA. Heckman may be her married name.

child + 34 xxxiii. Samuel Heckman was born 1854.

child + 35 xxxiv. George W Heckman was born July 1854.

child + 36 xxxv. Thomas M Heckman was born 1856.

child 37 xxxvi. Alexander Heckman(2216) was born 1858. He married Ellen A unknown. Ellen was born 1866. (Additional notes for Ellen A unknown(2217)) In the 1890 census, Wilson and family are living in Newport, Allen Twp, Northampton Co, PA.

child 38 xxxvii. Wilson Heckman was born in Northampton Twp, Northampton Co, PA 1859.

child 39 xxxviii. Susan Heckman(2218) was born 1860. In the 1890 census, Susan is living at 424 Union Street, Bethlehem Borough, Northampton Co, PA.

child 40 xxxix. Joseph H Heckman(2219) was born in Northampton Co., Pa December 1860. He married Amanda E unknown 1883. Amanda was born in Pennsylvania April 1853. (Additional notes for Amanda E unknown(2220)) In the 1890 census, Joseph and Amanda are living at 423 Vine Street, South Bethlehem, Northamton Co, PA. He has an occupation listed as Laborer.

In the 1900 census, Joseph (age 39) and Amanda (age 47) are living at 441 Pawnee Street, South Bethlehem, Northamton Co, PA.

In the 1910 census South Bethlehem, Northamton Co, PA, Joseph (age 49) is living with his wife Amanda (age 56).

In the 1920 census 530 Ontario Street Bethlehem Northampton, Joseph (age 59) is living with his wife Amanda (age 65).

child 41 xxxx. Emma J Heckman(2221) was born 1865. In the 1890 census, Emma is living in Hanover Twp, Northampton Co, PA

child + 42 xxxx. James H Heckman was born 1866.

child + 43 xxxx. Allen F Heckman was born April 1868.

child + 44 xxxx. James F Heckman was born 1868.

child + 45 xxxx. John H Heckman was born August 1869.

child 46 xxxx. Samuel Heckman(2222) was born 1871. He married Sarah E unknown. Sarah was born in New Jersey 1862. In the 1880 census Samuel (age 9) is living in Upper Nazareth Northampton Co, PA, in the County Poor House.

In the 1890 census Samuel is living in Lower Mt. Bethel Northampton Co, PA

In the 1910 census Northampton Co Pa, Samuel (age 40) is living with his wife Sarah (age 48).

child 47 xxxx. Lillie M Heckman(2223) was born 1872. In the 1880 census East Allen Twp Northampton Co PA page 347, a Lilly M (age 2) is living with her widowed mother Ellen M (age 26) in the William Kerchner household, working as a servant.

In the 1890 census, Lillie is living in Nazareth Northampton Co, PA.

child 48 xxxx. Clinton C Heckman was born in Northampton Co., Pa April 1877. He married Mary M Hartzel. Mary was born in Pennsylvania 1879. In the 1900 census Palmer Twp, Northampton Co, Clinton is a boarder of Thomas A Fehnel Jr. He has the occupation of Public School teacher

In the 1920 census Main Street Nazareth, Northampton Co, PA page 263A, Clinton (age 42) is living with his wife Mary (age 41). Clinton has no job listed.

child + 49 xxxx. Charles T Heckman was born December 1879.

child 50 xxxx. Blanche Heckman(2224) was born September 1881. In the 1900 census 1281 East Market , Sunbury Northampton Co, Blanche is a boader of Edgar Schieffle

child 51 xxxx. Charles Heckman was born in Pennsylvania November 1882. 1900 census Ross Twp Monroe Co PA page 155B.

child + 52 xxxx. Charles E Heckman was born 1893.

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